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              Professional · Focus · Innovation

              Suppliers of audio, broadcasting and conference systems

              National Service Hotline:



              PRODUCT CENTER


              Product characteristics:

              1. High-performance self-developed core DSP chip

              2. 48KHz sampling frequency

              3. Four-channel input and eight-channel output; Each input and output has 11 PEQ segments

              4. Each channel at the output end includes: high and low pass filter, delay, phase, mute, voltage limiter and parameter equalization

              5. Each input and output channel is equipped with mute key switch

              6. The starting time, release time and threshold of the pressure limiter can be adjusted

              7. High and low pass filter, slope and type (Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel) multiple choices, - 6dB, - 12dB, - 24dB, - 36dB, - 48dB, frequency division point can be any range

              8. The delayer can select time or distance as the unit for convenient calculation

              9. External USB and 485 interface, 485 interface supports multiple computers

              10. Available delay of input channel and output channel: 1500ms

              11. Comprehensive setting and real-time monitoring by connecting PC

              12. Super audio signal processing quality

              13. The core program can be continuously upgraded and automatically restarted after upgrading

              14. 10 groups of preset data

              15. The frequency setting can reach the accuracy of 1Hz, the delay can reach the accuracy of 0.02ms, the gain can reach the accuracy of 0.1dB, and the maximum Q value is 128

              16. LCM2002 display screen, with the following functions: volume, delay, filter, EQ, pressure limit, noise gate, etc., and the preset program can be accessed on the panel knob

              17. There are 6 LED level displays at the input and output terminals

              18. Equipped with computer control interface in Chinese and English, debugging is very intuitive

              Parameter list:

              1. Input and output values: 4 in and 8 out

              2. Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): ≥ 119dB

              3. Maximum output level:+15dBu

              4. Maximum input level:+15dBu

              5. Frequency response range: 20Hz-22KHz

              6. Resolution: ≥ 65dB

              7. Input common mode rejection ratio: ≥ 60dB

              8. Dynamic range (input): > 115dB

              9. Dynamic range (output): > 115dB

              10. THD distortion: 0.006%

              11. Input impedance: balanced input 20K, unbalanced input 10K

              12. A/D converter: PCM1804, 24bit, 216 KHz

              13. D/A converter: PCM1798, 24bit, 192 KHz

              14. DSP internal delay: 2ms

              15. Internal sampling rate: 48K

              16. Input/output maximum delay: 1500ms

              17. LED indicator: each input and output has LED indication status

              18. Input connector: one balanced XLR per channel

              19. Output connector: one balanced XLR per channel

              20. Power input: 90-265VAC, 50-60Hz

              21. Chassis size (WxDxH): 480mmx45mm x221mm

              22. Net weight: 3.8kg

              Audio processor (4 in and 8 out)



              SUCCESSFUL CASES

              About us

              ABOUT ZRSO



              Jiangxi natural sound Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading professional supplier of audio amplification system equipment integrating R & D, production and sales. The core teams of the company are industry elites who have worked intensively in the field of broadcasting and audio for 10-20 years, have a deep understanding of various application scenarios in the industry, and can provide each partner with professional project solutions, the most senior pre-sales guidance, the fastest in-sales support and the best after-sales service; The R & D Engineer has settled in the audio field for more than 40 years, and is also the R & D, technology and development consultant of many first-line brands. He has a deep understanding and insight into the audio professional knowledge and application scenarios. Each product series of the company develops unique speakers for different application scenarios in different places.
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              News center

              NEWS INFORMATION

              Do you really know the sound industry?


              If you want to really understand the sound thoroughly and make a basic judgment on sound quality, the most basic thing is to understand what is "balanced sound". Experienced enthusiasts who buy General test equipment first care ...

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              How to choose the bar audio equipment?


              For performance bars, whether restaurants or pubs, novice bosses will certainly encounter some troublesome problems when buying audio equipment. How should they buy Audio equipment?How can I buy the most cost-effective audio equipment...

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              What functions should campus broadcasting system have?


              What functions should campus broadcasting system have,The application functions of each school are different. In addition to daily bell ringing, flag raising, background music playing and shouting and intercom in playground activities...

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              What are the environmental factors affecting speaker playback?


              Usually, when appreciating the sound quality of a set of speakers, the most important thing is the hardware elements such as electronic devices, speakers and wires. In fact, there are many other elements that are not easy to be found by us, such as the sound...

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              Marketing network



              R & D and production address:No. 10, DAAO Village Industrial Zone, Lanhe Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou

              Contact us: 13760867095  16620184578

              Email: 2667101044@qq.com

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